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  • Why work with Make The Headlines?
    Make The Headlines has sold hundreds of people's stories, and we work with every national newspaper and magazine in the country. Make The Headlinescan help you to sell your real life story - and earn the best fee - to newspapers including the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror, The Express, the Telegraph and the Guardian. We can also help you to negotiate the best fee if you want to sell your story to women's magazines including Take A Break, Woman, Woman's Weekly, Woman's Own, Love It!, That's Life, Chat, Closer, Bella, Best, Real People, Yours - plus others. We can also help you to sell your story to TV shows including This Morning, and Good Morning Britain.
  • How much will I earn for selling my story?
    It all depends on how good your story is. Get in touch with Make The Headlines in the first instance using the contact us form, and we'll be able to give you an idea of how much your story is worth. You can then decide if you want to sell it. If it's a brilliant, exclusive story, with incredible photos and video, then you could earn hundreds of pounds by selling it to a newspaper or a magazine with Make The Headlines. This could even rise up to £1,000+ if we are able to sell it to more publications and to TV shows too. If you're caught up in the news and your story is in demand, it will be worth much more to editors. You could also earn more from selling your story if it's topical - for example, if you're going through a similar experience to a soap character, a celebrity or a member of the royal family. However, it's important to be realistic - for legal reasons, some newspapers don't pay case studies for their stories, and others have limited budgets. And if your story has already been told in the press before, it's less attractive to editors. Get in touch for a no-obligation quote by using the contact us page - and see our stories for some of the stories Make The Headlines has sold.
  • Do I need to be pictured?
    The short answer to this is yes. If you want to sell a story about you, you must be happy to be named and pictured. Most publications won't buy anonymous stories - unless there are legal reasons. If this is the case, please contact us so that we can speak to you further about what would be involved. Most publications like to have a range of at least 10 photographs to choose from that will help tell your story. These must include different shots - not all, for example, head shots - but photos of you with friends or family, who might be relevant to the story. Often, publications will pay more for video footage - especially when the video is the story. If you've captured a dramatic, shocking, funny or heartwarming moment on camera, get in touch with Make The Headlinesto find out how much you would be paid for it.
  • Why shouldn't I sell my story directly?
    Make The Headlines sells stories to every national newspaper and magazine in the country - and we're well placed to secure you the best deal. We will also look to sell your story to multiple publications - from magazines and newspapers, to websites and TV shows. Ensuring you earn the best fee possible. As journalists, we know how to choose the best angle for your story, and how to present it to editors - along with negotiating the best fee possible for you. Contact Make The Headlines for more info.
  • I'm nervous about selling my story...
    It can be daunting to share your story with the world - and Make The Headlines wants to make sure it's a positive experience. We want you to enjoy working with us so you'll come back to us each time you have another story to sell! Whether it's a sensitive subject or something that's close to your heart, your story will be handled carefully. We have many years' experience of interviewing people and helping them to tell their stories - and we will hold your hand every step of the way. We will also: Have an initial chat with you about what selling your story entails. Be upfront with you about how much you will earn from selling your story. Make sure you are happy with the publication/s that are interested in your story. Ensure you get a full readback of your story before we send it to the publication. We want you to ENJOY selling your story - and for it to be a POSITIVE experience! Contact Make The Headlines today for more info.


Using the form on the right, send Make The Headlines a brief description of what your story is - and we will be in touch to let you know whether it would be of interest to national newspapers and magazines. Or send an email to the address below.

Thanks for submitting!

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