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Make The Headlines

Tell YOUR story!


Be in control of selling your story - and receive the best fee

  • Make The Headlines offers free, confidential advice and will tell you how much you can expect to earn

  • Sell it for the biggest fee - we will pitch your story to our contacts at all national newspapers and magazines

  • Your story your way - you will have full control and receive a readback before it's published

  • We have sold stories to the Daily Mail, MailOnline, Daily Mirror, Sun, and Fabulous Online 

  • And magazines including Closer, Take A Break, New!, That's Life, Real People, Woman

  • All offers from magazines and newspapers are put in writing for your peace of mind

  • Make The Headlines is not a press agency - so there are no hidden fees to pay

  • We will aim to place your story in multiple publications - earning you MORE money

Read some of Make The Headlines amazing real life stories here

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  • Using the form below, send us a brief description of your story 

  • Or you can email us info and photos to

  • We will let you know if it's something the national media might want to run

  • Then either Carol or Tiffany will call you for a short interview over the phone

  • You must be happy to be named and pictured* - we'll arrange a photographer if necessary

  • We will then send your story to our contacts at national newspapers, websites and magazines

  • You choose the publications - and the best fee on offer

  • Everything will be put in writing and you will receive a full readback before your story is published

  • Once the article is published, your money will be transferred straight into your bank account

  • *Some publications will allow anonymous stories for legal reasons 


Use the Make The Headlines contact form to get in touch today - click here

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Contact us by emailing or fill out the form below

Make the Headlines


I've been a journalist for 20 years, writing for publications including The Daily Mail, MailOnline, Femail, Fabulous, Sun, Mirror, and magazines including Closer, Take a Break, Real People and Woman. I have helped hundreds of women tell their stories in national magazines, newspapers and on TV. I can help YOU sell your real life story. Sharing your story can be daunting, but we will hold your hand every step of the way. You will also have full control of your story - and see it before it is published. I look forward to working with you!

Read some of Make The Headlines amazing real life stories here


Sell Your Story


I’m a freelance journalist with an eye for a good story - and have written for the likes of Fabulous Magazine, Take A Break, Closer, Heat, The Sun, The Mirror and many more. If your story is of interest to the national media, I will call you for a short interview. I will put you at ease - and make sure I ask you all the right questions to write your personal story - whether it’s a sensitive, personal piece about your health, or exposing a loverat or a wrongdoing, or it’s a lighthearted piece about a celebrity, or a life-changing moment.


Types of stories the press is interested in includes... click here to read Make The Headlines' stories

  • Lifechanging: Did you drop out of school and go on to success? Do you lead an 'alternative' lifestyle?

  • Money: Is money no object? Did you throw your kid a lavish birthday party? Or an expensive wedding? Do you save lots of money by using coupons or entering competitions?

  • Health: Have you or someone in your family been affected by a rare health condition? Did you spend a fortune on IVF? Have you had surgery only for it to go wrong?

  • Celebrity: Did something interesting happen when you met a celebrity (and you've got the photos to prove it)? Do your life events mirror the storyline of a popular soap?

  • Romance: Did you find out your partner was cheating? Did you get married after a whirlwind relationship? Have you been married more than four times? Are you looking for a sugar daddy?

  • Wrongdoing: Have you been a victim of crime? Do you want to expose a wrongdoing ? We can help you tell your story in a sensitive and appropriate way.

  • These are a few examples - get in touch using the form below to find out if you have a story that will sell.

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Using the form on the right, send Make The Headlines a brief description of what your story is - and we will be in touch to let you know whether it would be of interest to national newspapers and magazines. Or send an email to the address below.

Thanks for submitting!

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